Study reveals habits of highly successful #Airbnb hosts

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maggio 9, 2016 di QUADRI E DIRIGENTI DEL TURISMO by Alberto Correra

According to a new study, the most efficient way to find the best Airbnb hosts is to count user reviews. The study took a sample of 20% of U.S. activity – about 430,000 listings and nearly six million bookings – to create its market snapshot. Key findings include:


  • The top 1% of Airbnb hosts significantly outperform the bottom 99% by earning 19% of the overall rental revenue.
  • As the rating of a listing goes up, so does its overall rental revenue.
  • Top 1% of hosts make 19% of the overall bookings revenue while owning 8% of the listings.
  • Only 7 out of every 1000 hosts have 10+ units and only 1 in 1000 hosts have 40+ units.
  • Superhosts on average make almost twice that of a regular host, but own the same number of listings as regular hosts.
  • Most listings (3 out of every 4 listing) earn modest total rental revenues of approximately $10K or less in a year.
  • Most hosts (8 out of every 10 hosts) have just 1 listing and earn a very modest extra income from hosting on Airbnb.
  • The number of reviews a listing has is a significant indicator of its occupancy rate. Even 1-3 star rated listings outperform unrated listings.

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